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The range of borderline disorders in modern psychiatry is extremely diverse, plus almost always the diseases are passing with such clinical symptoms as anxiety, depressed mood and signs of adaptation failure. According to WHO, anxiety disorders and mood disorders rank first among the top ten most significant public health problems. A better part of patients in this group obtained were administered to take antidepressants, which forms the primary treatment method. The indications for the use of modern antidepressants are usually limited to standard recommendations without fine detail symptomatic spectrum of drug exposure.

Despite the fact that the market is massively represented by various medicaments, the impact of Lexapro antidepressant definitely stands out from the crowd in a good range of pathological manifestations treatment in patients with anxiety and depressive disorders.

Industry experts figure out a number of particular features and advantages of the preparation:

• Sustained therapeutic effect and minimize possibility of side effects due to the high selectivity and missing or weak interaction with other neurotransmitter receptor systems.

• Smaller interaction potential in comparison with other antidepressants due to minimal impact on the pharmacokinetics of other drugs. The efficient combinative or parallel therapy is achieved due to the lower intensity of binding to plasma proteins (50-80 %) than in other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, as well as liver isoenzymes inhibition in the cytochrome system P- 450.

• The onset of therapeutic effect is earlier than in other medications due to the rapid absorption regardless of ingestion, easy achievement (just 2-4 hours after application) of peak plasma concentration, an 80% bioavailability and linear kinetics, which results in establishment of the equilibrium concentration in the plasma during the 1st week of treatment.

• An ability to take the necessary dose regularly due to 30-hours half-life.

Dosage and recommendations

The preparation is recommended to be taken periorally, regardless of the meal. Depending on the condition and reaction to the preparation in a particular case, a single administered dose is equal to 10-20 mg on a daily basis. The maximum daily dose must not exceed 20 mg. The duration of treatment typically starts from 4 weeks to few months. The symptomatic relief is achieved within 2 - 4 of treatment, in general, it is recommended to continue treatment within at least 3 months. Long-term treatment, which lasts about six months, is prescribed to prevent recurrence (the medication is administered taking into account individual manifestations of the disease).

Upon treatment abandonment, the dosage should be reduced gradually within 1-2 weeks in order to avoid SSRI cessation syndrome. The elderly patients (65+ years) are strongly recommended not to exceed the dose of 5 mg (and the maximum daily dose of 10 mg.). In case of abnormal liver function it is recommended to start the treatment with 5 mg. within the first 2 weeks. Depending on the individual response, the dose may be increased to 10 mg per day.

For patients with low activity of isoenzyme CYP2C19 the recommended starting dose for the first 2 weeks of treatment is equal to 5 mg on a daily basis. Depending on the individual response, the dose may be increased to 10 mg day.

Implications for use

Despite the fact that Lexapro is a relatively new drug, the currently available volume of information, based on a good range of researches and clinical trials with results verified is enough to get an idea of its clinical efficacy in the treatment of disorders-depression spectrum. In accordance with studies conducted with various contingents patients in specialized departments and primary care units, the medication had different effect depending on particular cases.

The effectiveness of Lexapro therapy has been admitted not only in mild and moderate depressive episodes, but also in severe depressions – the preparation demonstrated both short-term results (8 weeks) in placebo-controlled studies using fixed or flexible doses. The 10 and 20 mg. doses of Lexapro are statistically significantly superior to placebo in the treatment of depression starting from the first week of therapy. Despite the fact that 10 mg/day is the lowest effective dose for the treatment of depression, it should be noted that 20 mg. dosage may provide better results, which is especially important when severe depression.

The efficacy of escitalopram, an active ingredient of Lexapro, in the prevention of recurrence of ensuring further correction of depressive symptoms was established in long-term studies (the risk of recurrence while taking escitalopram was 44% lower than in placebo).

The analysis results reveal that compared with the placebo therapy primary depressive symptoms had improved with respect to other aspects of depressive disorders such as anxiety, social functioning and quality of life. Since anxiety is a common symptom in depressive disorders, often associated with more severe disease, a significant improvement in this aspect under the influence of escitalopram is an additional advantage while choosing the medicament – buy Lexapro if you are in search of a truly powerful solution.

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